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Windows 8, 7, XP & NT

Hotspot Shield is the best online privacy solution for Windows

It is very easy to install and use on all versions of windows OS (8, 7, XP & NT). So if you are searching for an internet privacy solution or VPN for windows 7, XP, NT or others then you are at right place. Hotspot Shield VPN lets you access blocked sites and break Geo-web-limits by hiding your original IP address. It assigns a virtual IP address to your system from its server to protect your original identity from web-hackers and snoopers.


  • 120+ million downloads On Windows & Mac
  • Access all blocked sites on any network
  • Complete malware protection

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Hotspot Shield creates a secure encryption layer between your system and its server. So when you transmit data or files online then this data goes through that layer and it encrypts this data transmission. Hackers can’t detect your web presence due to hotspot shield data encryption and security layer.

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Prevent Web-browsing Tracking

Whenever you visit a website it tracks your activity using cookies, cache and your IP address. If you want to prevent this tracking then Hotspot Shield is again best choice for your windows system. As your IP address is replaced by an IP of Hotspot Shield servers so it cuts your system direct connection with your ISP and websites.

Unblock Blocked Sites

When you use the internet at school or offices you see “Access Denied” message on your web browser screen for some sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. If you want to unblock these websites then you must connect with Hotspot Shield server to hide your original IP address.

Wi-Fi Security For Windows

All of us use public wifi to access internet but they are not secure. Snoopers always sit in these areas to hack users info. To protect your privacy at these hotspots you should install Hotspot Shield on your windows System. After Hotspot Shield protection you can access your emails and files using public WiFi without any fear.

Hotspot Shield Elite For Windows

Hotspot Shield Elite is paid version of this VPN available for just $29.95/year. It provides dedicated IP address and ad-free browsing interface along with 24×7 customer support. It also protects your system from malware attacks using its Malware Protection Plus facility (Free version only provides basic protection)

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