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06 Apr VPN for Personal Use (Personal VPN) – Hotspot Shield Elite

Personal VPNWhen we think VPN or Virtual Private Network, we think of large business houses or corporations using this networking technology for some security reasons. Organizations use VPN to provide secure communication between the employees and a secure access to the resources. No doubt VPN was introduced for large corporations but now the technology is not just for corporations anymore. With increased individual access to the Internet, VPNs are widely used for security and privacy.

Why You Need A Personal VPN?

Everyday we come across news related to cyber attacks, hacking and identity theft. The cyber criminals and bad techies are busy in inventing the newest viruses, malware and other malicious programs to fulfill their illegal motives. Therefore, it has become very important to install some security tools on your device before entering into the Internet world. And when we talk about security tools, VPN tops the list as it offers excellent security through encryption protocols.

How VPN works?

A VPN creates a virtual tunnel over the user’s network. The tunnel acts like a roadblock for bad techies or cyber criminals who are trying to illegally access the user’s network or device. A VPN is empowered with HTTPS protocol that encrypts the transmitted data into unreadable format making it difficult for others to read or edit it. This fails the intervention of hackers into the user’s communication and, thus, the user is almost completely safe against online threats.

Other Benefits Of Using A VPN

In addition to the online security, there are various other benefits of VPN as well.

Anonymous browsing: VPN makes it possible for users to browse anonymously. It enables you to connect to Internet through a VPN server making it difficult for websites to track the real IP address. Only the IP address of the remote server is revealed to the websites and other people present on Internet. In this way, you are completely anonymous on WWW. This feature empowers you with the freedom to use Internet as you desire, which means that you can visit any website without leaving any footprint.

Access to blocked websites: Using a VPN, one can easily access the restricted websites. VPN exhibits bypassing technique that can intervene into the firewalls and filters created for the purpose of blocking. This feature is highly useful for those at school or college, who work in an office or stay in a country where Internet is restricted due to several reasons. Moreover, when you browse blocked websites through a VPN, it becomes difficult for authorities to catch you.

Using a VPN is not a rocket science. All you need to do is to download a reliable VPN that supports your device. Hotspot Shield Elite VPN offers their products at free of cost for trial purpose allowing the users to test the effieincy before final purchase. So, just get yourself under the protection of VPN, the next time you visit World Wide Web.

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